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Top 10 Sports That Should Be in The Olympics


To celebrate the 2012 Olympics we will be posting several Olympic themed posts so keep checking back. For a sport to become part of the Olympics is a long process and for most… Continue reading

Top 10 Euro Upsets


The European Championships, commonly referred to as the Euro, are currently being played in Poland and Ukraine.  The tournament, held every four years, is one of sport’s most prestigious.  In the 13 editions… Continue reading

Top 10 Strangest Olympic Sports


#10. Swimming Obstacle Race Paris hosted a strange Olympics in 1900, with no less than 8 sports featuring for the one and only time in the Olympics.  The swimming obstacle race was one… Continue reading

Best and Worst of 2011


2011 was an extremely eventful year in entertainment, news, sports, politics, and economics.  Join as we review the year – through the best and worst in a variety of categories. Enjoy! Movies Best:… Continue reading

Top 10 Christmas Trees


#10 Upside-Down Christmas Tree This is becoming a new holiday fad.  The tradition goes back to the middle ages when Europeans did it to represent the Holy Trinity.  The trees are either attached… Continue reading

Top 10 Best FIFA World Cup Teams Ever


#10 1954 Hungarian Team The only team on this list that didn’t actually win the World Cup, Hungary was absolute favorites coming into the 54’ tournament, as they could count on the service… Continue reading