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Top 10 Unusual Christmas Traditions


Now that December is here and Christmas is fast approaching we decided to spend this month creating various Christmas lists.  Our first list features Christmas traditions from around the world that may seem… Continue reading

Top 10 Countries With The Most Olympic Medals


Continuing our coverage of the 2012 Olympics, here are the 10 countries who have earned the most medals throughout the history of the Olympics – 26 editions.  The medal count does not include… Continue reading

Top 10 Countries with the Highest Suicide Rates


Note: the numbers next to each country is the suicide rate – the number of people who commit suicide in a year out of every 100,000 people. #10. Slovenia 21.9 As you’ll see… Continue reading

Top 10 Largest Earthquakes (By Magnitude)


#10 Assam – Tibet 8.6 This earthquake occurred on 08/15/1950.  The epicenter was actually located near Rima, in Tibet, China. However, the earthquake was destructive in both Assam and Tibet, and 1,526 people… Continue reading